U.S. Demographics Have Changed, But Will That Matter in November?

In the last four years, 16 million Americans reached their 18th birthday, including 3.2 million Hispanics.  Now, unfortunately, Trump has almost 30% support from LatinX voters, which is astonishing given that he has done everything conceivable to anger them.

At the same time, 11.2 million people died; because most of these people are older, they tended to be more conservative.

Due both to the issues of demographics and to public outrage, 2020 is expected to see record turnout.

The wild card here, of course, is voter suppression. I noticed a comment an apparent Trump supporter made: “These post office boxes and letter sorting machines have been removed due to digital vs. snail mail.  Try something else.”

Hmm.  142,000 post office boxes and 600 letter sorting machines, mostly in swing states, removed two months prior to a hotly contested election, by a newly appointed U.S. Postmaster who happens to be a Trump megadonor with no qualifications for the position, and tens of millions of dollars of holdings in a company that competes against post office.  Just, that really does sound like a coincidence.