Trump’s Plan To Destroy the Arctic Comes Together, Will It Be Implemented?

When Trump exits the White House, he will leave the United States to lick its wounds for many years to come.  Eventually, the nation will repair its relationships with its traditional allies, put an end to the senseless trade wars, welcome the advancements being made by the Black Lives Matter movement, put the pandemic behind us, and get the country back to work and school.

The environment will also heal.  When we cease drilling in pristine wildernesses and dumping toxins into our skies and waterways, the forces of nature will slowly but effectively clean up the planet.  The United States will rejoin the Paris Climate Accord, and recommit to becoming a leader in the fight against the massive damage that is occasioned by a warming Earth.

Whether all this will happen in time to prevent utter devastation remains to be seen, but in January, 2021 (at the latest), this nation will once again come back into line with the other sovereign states of the world and at least make an effort.