Trump or God

A whopping 65% of Americans identify as Christians.  Now, 25.4% are Evangelicals, whose version of Christianity has little if anything to do with the teachings of Christ, so that leaves roughly 40% whose lives are driven, at least in part, by a religious devotion to non-violence, love, mercy, charity, tolerance, and forgiveness.

It is these people who are the target of messages like the one shown here.

OK, so is that message biting?  One has to think that many decent Christians are deeply troubled by fomenting racial hatred, locking children in cages, tax breaks for the rich, saber-rattling and nuclear proliferation, “dominating the streets” and tear gassing peaceful protesters, and cuts to programs that help the poor.

These people have had almost four long years of watching all this happen, and at least some of them must find this as nauseating as I do.