Trump May Be a Protectionist, But Who Cares?

Here’s an essay from the libertarian Cato Institute, arguing that Trump is a protectionist, because of the tariffs he placed on Canada, immediately causing both a blow to U.S. manufacturers and retaliation from our northern neighbor. I haven’t read the article past its opening paragraphs, because nothing could possibly be less interesting about our president at this point than his status vis-a-vis free trade.

We’re dealing with a president that is committing an apparently never ending list of crimes in order to stay in power.  He’s dismantling the post office, putting million of lives in danger, to make voting by mail as difficult as possible.  His response to the pandemic was at least partially a tactic to punish states with Democratic governors.  The moment he’s no longer president, indictments of federal and state charges of obstruction of justice, money laundering, and violations of campaign finance laws are going to rain from the sky on him like so many grapefruit-sized hailstones.

That Trump does not conform to the Cato Institute’s ideal in terms of protectionism is on a par with his bad eating habits or his reportedly unparalleled cheating at golf.  No. One. Cares.