Trump HAS Gutted Us, But It Hasn’t Been for Nothing

As the risk of coming off as pedantic, though it’s true that Trump has “gutted” us, it hasn’t been for nothing.

Since President Donald Trump was inaugurated in 2017, America’s billionaires have become 10.6% richer.  It is the support of this incalculably large sum of money that has made Trump to remain so powerful that the Republican-led senate does whatever we asks.  Without this support, he would have been removed from office long ago, and leveled with an amazing array of criminal indictments: 

• Violating the emoluments clause of the Constitution (foreign dignitaries stayed at Trump’s hotels and golf courses)

• Withholding congressionally-approved funds to extort personal favors from an ally, in the case of Ukraine

• Who-knows-how-many counts of obstructing justice, starting with Comey, Mueller, and McGahn

• Negligent homicide (if he’s lucky, more probably involuntary manslaughter) in the case of hundreds of thousands, perhaps millions, of COVID-19 deaths

• Abetting crimes against humanity (Uighurs/China)

• Advocating political and police violence

• Abuse of power, pardoning friends and persecuting whistleblowers

• Committing all manner of financial crimes in the State of New York (for which no pardons are possible), e.g., violating campaign finance laws

Yes, our country is weaker, in every conceivable respect, than it was when Trump assumed office.  But it hasn’t been for nothing.