Trump Empowered to Abuse His Office, Situation Worsening

From CREW (Citizens for Ethics and Responsibility in Washington):

“Louis DeJoy has overseen an attack on the Postal Service and on American democracy itself. Like the henchman of a petty dictator, he appears to be using the government agency he’s tasked to lead to attempt to fix an election for his boss. With $30 million in assets in contractors and competitors to USPS, he could potentially personally benefit from undermining one of America’s most sacred institutions. The policy changes he has implemented are leading to harmful delays, potentially resulting in people waiting weeks for lifesaving medicine to be delivered. He must resign as Postmaster General or be removed from his position immediately, and his actions must be permanently reversed, for the good of the country.”

This is what happened as a result of the gutless Senate’s failure to convict and remove Trump after his impeachment, i.e., he feels ever more emboldened to abuse the power his office, and with each passing day, the situation becomes more egregious.  First Barr began to act has Trump’s personal attorney, protecting the president at the expense of the American people.  Now we have a postmaster with enormous, crystal-clear conflicts of interest, destroying the institution he ostensibly serves, so as to maximize the president’s chances for re-election.

No one knows what act of brazen corruption will happen next, but here’s a good guess: it will be awe-inspiring in its sheer scope.