Trump Approval Rating

Right this moment, 11.6% more Americans disapprove of Trump than approve of him.  This is according to, a composite “metastudy” of different surveys, weighted in favor of the most recent.  Yesterday, the figure was 10.4%, so this has moved dramatically in the very recent past.

Now, yes: a) surveys have been known to be flawed, and b) surveys at the state level (available at the link above too) are more important than national studies, due the electoral college, but this shift must be indicative of something.

Perhaps it’s the desperation with which Trump is attacking the media and his opponent, instead of lying out good reasons that the nation should re-elect him.  He looks even more stupid than ever in his berating 60 MinutesLeslie Stahl (“fake and biased”) and Dr. Fauchi (an idiot), and, arguably, even worse supporting the ludicrous Hunter Biden Ukraine fable.

The fact that the pandemic is spinning out of control and job prospects look so completely dismal can’t be helping either.

Sure will be good to get this all behind us.