The United States Is Doing “Very Well?”

I just received an invitation to comment on this following:

The United States is doing VERY WELL, thanks to President Trump’s STRONG leadership. We cannot trust the left-wing media to report the TRUTH, which is why President Trump is counting on Patriots, like YOU, to help us break through the Fake News filter. Please take the Official Trump Coronavirus Approval Poll NOW to tell us what you think.

By what possible metric is the United States doing “very well?”

The have the world’s most dismal failure in addressing pandemic, 11+% unemployment, mass evictions/new homeless, rampant racist violence, the destruction of the postal system, a president whose lies now exceed 21,000, an environment being irreparably damaged, we’re the laughingstock of the planet, we coddle dictators and alienate our allies, we have 22 million children living in poverty, 70,000+ children locked in cages at our southern border, and 27 million uninsured.

If this is fake news, why is the same story being reported by all but the most extreme right-wing media outlets around the world?