The Erin O’Toole Plan for Canada’s Energy Industry

The Erin O’Toole Plan for Canada’s Energy Industry – Energy News for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry |

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  • Fix Equalization. A province with an economy in recession and a skyrocketing unemployment rate should not be forced to send money to other provinces.
  • Stop the discrimination against Alberta in the Fiscal Stabilization Program
  • Repeal Bill C-69. Canada has some of the toughest environmental protections in the world and it is already next to impossible to build major projects. The last thing we need to do is make it even harder to grow our economy.
  • Pass a National Strategic Pipelines Act. This would allow the government to declare a pipeline to be nationally strategic and subject it to an expedited review process. The review would focus on consultation and ensuring the project meets high environmental standards, but it would no longer determine whether or not the project would proceed, as that decision would be made by the elected government.
  • Scrap Trudeau’s tanker ban. It is unconscionable that American tankers sail through our waters and bring American oil and gas to the market while Canadians sit at home unemployed because we are blocking Canadian energy exports from the same waters.
  • Implement a federal LNG export strategy. Canada is blessed with abundant supplies of clean and affordable natural gas. With much of the world still reliant on coal-generated electricity, we should be boosting exports to grow our economy and contribute to a cleaner world. Projects like GNL Quebec and LNG Canada build our economy while benefiting the world and show how Canadians can work together.

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