Stranger Than Fiction: Gohmert’s Daughter Bashes Trump over Dad’s COVID-19 Diagnosis

“I love my dad and don’t want him to die,” said the Texas Republican Congressman’s indie musician daughter Caroline, before blaming the president for a lack of remorse.

I hate to laugh at others’ misfortunes, especially when they’re potentially lethal, but there are too many comically weird aspects to this.

First is the bizarre juxtaposition: you’re an indie musician and your father is Louis Gohmert??? That in and of itself must hurt like a b**ch.

Then comes the issue of remorse.  Trump has watched 4.71 million Americans contract the disease, 157K of whom have died, and he hasn’t expressed remorse about a single goddamn one.  Do you think there is something special about you father (other than he’s arguably the biggest moron in the House)?

Next you have the in-your-face fact of the matter: Caroline, your father contracted COVID-19 following a period where he actively dismissed the seriousness of the coronavirus pandemic and expressed his disdain for following the expert medical recommendations to wear a face mask and keep social distance.

On top of that, he claims that he got sick from the mask.  (!!!!)

Again, sorry to laugh, but I feel like I did in 5th grade when a classmate passed wind and the whole class went crazy; there is no way to control that.