Slovenia May Be Reconsidering Its Adoration for Trump

My wife and I had an amusing incident that I thought I’d share, hoping that it will make you smile too.

Almost exactly a year ago, we were travelling in Central Europe with an incredibly knowledgeable guide, and wherever we went, I’d asked him how the local people regarded Trump.  In Croatia and Bosnia & Herzegovina, he said, “Well, there’s some support for Trump, but largely these people regard him as a conman who’s in the process of ruining the United States. We got to Slovenia, he said, “Are you kidding? Do you know where your First Lady is from?  They adore him!”

Twelve months later, it looks like the bloom is off the rose.  In the first place, it appears clear at this point that Melania is married to a criminal, whose comeuppance may be imminent; in the second place, he owes someone $400 million, and may not be able to repay him.