“Scott Walker: Wisconsin’s agricultural, manufacturing jobs would be ‘devastated’ under Biden leadership”

That’s title of a FoxNews article. Like all things emanating from the former governor, you have to look at the data to assess. Let’s consider first agriculture under Walker.

Figure 1: Number of farms in Wisconsin as of June of each year (blue line). Orange shading denotes Walker administrations. Source: USDA.

As for manufacturing, well output typically rises, so it’s useful to compare against other states Wisconsin’s performance. I’ll compare against what Walker used to disparage — Minnesota (a graphic from a December 2017 post on the Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit).

Figure 2: Log real manufacturing output in Minnesota (blue) and in Wisconsin (red), normalized to 2011Q1=0. NBER defined recession dates shaded gray. Vertical dashed line at 2013Q1 indicates beginning of Wisconsin Manufacturing and Agriculture Credit (MAC). Source: BEA, accessed 12/3/2017, NBER, and author’s calculations.

In my view, Walker did a pretty good job devastating Wisconsin already…