Remembering a friend today

Today is my light blog day (Wednesday) and it will be even lighter as a result of commitments I had today. Earlier, I attended a funeral for a great person – Tuấn Nguyễn Văn – who died last week in his home of Auckland. He is known to many Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) people for his relentless pursuit of politicians who continually do not tell the people the truth about the policy options, and, instead, impose material costs on the least-able to defend themselves against unemployment, low pay, precarious work, cuts in public services, degraded infrastructure and more. He was a really nice person and I am so glad I was able to meet him personally earlier in the year. So I decided not to write anything more than that today by way of blog post writing and took the time attending his funeral to reflect a bit on lost souls who were valued and precious. Some appropriate music follows.

Music – A tribute to a departed friend

I was listening to Stan Getz this morning.

But today’s music is a tribute to my friend Tuấn Nguyễn Văn, who was cremated today in Auckland.

The final music they played for the final tributes was this song from the incomparable – Édith Piaf – who everybody knows about.

This song – Non, je ne regrette rien – was published in 1960 and was a hit at that time.

It was a very political song at the time of the Algerian War, although what it was actually referring to is contested in the literature. Many think that it a song from the defeated French Legion who had slaughtered Algerians who were trying to break free of the Colonial yoke. Others, claim it referred to the also failed putsch by some French generals who rejected De Gaulle’s decision to leave Algeria to the Algerians.

But for some reason Tuấn and/or his family chose it as his final musical gesture, so I honour that.

Here are some photos from his funeral today – very sad.

See ya later mate!

That is enough for today!

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