Reducing Our Dependency on Cows

Achieving sustainability in terms of or planet’s environment has two large components:  low-carbon energy and better land management.  Solar panels and wind turbines are sexy, at least some people say, but we tend to overlook the fact that we’re clearing 3900 square miles of Amazon rainforest per year, largely for cows.  That’s the equivalent of the area of one championship golf course every 31 minutes.

3900 square miles X 680 acres/square mile X 1 golf course/150 acres X 1 year/365 days X 24 hours/day X 60 minutes/hr

I just came across the meme here, with this text:

No. Calcium does not come from milk.

Calcium comes from the earth – it’s a naturally-occurring mineral – that is absorbed into the roots, then stems, then blades of grass that the cow eats. Yes, it then finds its way into the cows’ milk.

But, why not just cut to the chase? You’re not a calf, so get your calcium directly from plants.

Plants have far more available calcium than dairy products – without the saturated fat and calories and costs (your wallet and the environment).