Police Assault Should Result in His Removal, Criminal Charges

Here we have a police officer kicking a handcuffed girl in her face.  On a good day, that’s some sort of assault and/or battery; the terms vary according to jurisdiction; both can mean the intentional and offensive or harmful contact with another person.

It’s interesting to note that words by themselves can’t be considered assault; this is probably important in this case, as one has to think that the woman said something offensive to the cop which resulted in that kick in the teeth.

Most people have deep issues with brutalizing women, even if her wrists aren’t handcuffed behind her back.  I think I mentioned at one point that  my peace-loving son Jake, when he was perhaps 12 or 13, saw a boy push a girl to the ground.  Jake leveled the kid, and, as a father, I found it impossible to say that he wasn’t right in doing so.

Let’s hope there is justice done in this case too.