PGS Completes Seismic Survey Offshore Angola. Fast-Track Data in Q4

September 8, 2020

Ramform Sovereign - Credit: PGS

Ramform Sovereign – Credit: PGS

Norwegian seismic data acquisition firm PGS has completed a large seismic survey offshore Angola using the 2008-built Ramform Sovereign vessel.

The 2020 PGS Namibe Basin survey connects the 3D seismic coverage of southern Angola with PGS seismic data library coverage in Namibia, completing a large MultiClient footprint of high-quality broadband seismic data that spans the Namibe Basin, the company said.

The seismic company used its multisensor GeoStreamer technology for the project. It said the track data for Angola Namibe Basin will be available in late Q4 2020

According to PGS, predicted reservoir presence and distribution maps indicate that the survey area contains multiple leads and prospects. 

“Full depth-imaging incorporating FWI velocity model building will improve knowledge of the subsurface petroleum system and reduce the risk for frontier exploration,” PGS said.