Petrobras Takes DOF AHTS on a Three-year Charter

OE Staff

December 9, 2020

Skandi Rio - Credit: Norskan/MarineTraffic

Skandi Rio – Credit: Norskan/MarineTraffic

Brazilian oil and gas company Petrobras has awarded a contract for DOF Group’s AHTS vessel Skandi Rio.

DOF said Thursday that the vessel would support Petrobras’ exploration and production activities on the Brazilian continental shelf. 

The vessel is owned and operated by DOF’s subsidiary Norskan Offshore. DOF other subsidiary DOF Subsea Brasil Servicios will be responsible for the ROV operations.

The contract duration is for three years with an expected start in December/January. Petrobras will have an option to extend the contract for another year.

Built in 2007, Skandi Rio is a Brazilian built and flagged AHTS vessel equipped with Work Class ROV’s for operations down to 3.000m water depth.