Petrobras Strikes Oil at Urissanê Well, Off Brazil

January 29, 2021

Credit: Petrobras

Credit: Petrobras

Brazilian oil firm Petrobras has said it has identified the presence of hydrocarbons in the wildcat well in the block C-M-411, in the pre-salt region in the Campos Basin, off Brazil.

The well 1-BRSA-1377-RJS, informally known as Urissanê, is located approximately 200 km from the coast, in a water depth of 2,950 meters. Petrobras said that it had verified the presence of hydrocarbons in reservoirs of the pre-salt section.

The well data will be analyzed to better assess the potential and direct the exploratory activities in the area, Petrobras said. Petrobras is the operator of the block and holds a 50% stake in partnership with ExxonMobil (50%).