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Published on August 3rd, 2020 |
by Andrea Bertoli

August 3rd, 2020 by  

On Wednesday, July 29, the CleanTechnica team ventured to where no cleantech news site has gone before — into the world of virtual trade shows!

We hosted our first ever CleanTechnica Virtual Trade Show by featuring some Tesla aftermarket and EV charging gear. This space is growing, and we’re so excited that we had such great companies join us for our first event (and we’re stoked to have had readers join us from around the world). We look forward to hosting many more of these events in the future, so stay tuned!

We had three great companies join us for our inaugural event, and I want to highlight them all here so that if you missed the event you can learn more about them and reach out if that fits your personal or professional EV needs.

EVANNEX is where the Tesla community shops. As the first company to enter the Tesla ecosystem back in 2012, EVANNEX is a longtime partner and friend of CleanTechnica. Father and son team Roger and Matt Pressman started in a garage (literally) making a center console for the Tesla Model S. There was significant demand for their product, and soon a business was born.

They now offer aftermarket parts and accessories for the Tesla Model S, Model X, Model 3, and Model Y. CleanTechnica readers can currently get $10 off any order over $100 when using the discount code cleantechnica during checkout. Get all your Tesla parts and accessories here: evannex.com

NeoCharge has created a really smart home charging solution. Its unique and (recently UL-listed) 220V splitter device plugs into existing 220V outlets, and then allows a 220V outlet to become two 220V outlets. This means you can plug in the dryer and your EV, or plug in two EVs at one time to help make the most of your charging space. Matt Pressman at EVANNEX noted that they’ve been testing it for weeks with two Tesla vehicles they own and love it so much they will over it in their store.

This safe and easy-to-use splitter doesn’t require costly upgrades or installations with an electrician, which means it’s significantly more affordable and easier than any other solution. The Dual-Car Smart Splitter is 6× faster charging than a normal wall outlet, and can add up to 30 miles of range per hour, and it works with all electric vehicles and EV chargers (4 prong, NEMA 14-50). Grab yours (on sale now) at GetNeoCharge.com.

NeoCharge Dual-Car Smart Splitter to charge two EVs at your garage or office.

KIGT is the world’s smallest & “smartest” EV charger. Co-founder Paul Francis has been working and innovating in this space for years. His team makes a smart, stylish EV charger that is sleek and stylish. While selling one of the most popular products in the industry years ago, he realized a pain point in this sector was the cost and usability of traditional charging stations, so he created new smart solutions.

These charging stations are Alexa- and app-compatible and user-friendly. The “Home mini” features “the first ever touchscreen on a home eCharger.” This makes it easy and intuitive to use. The company is rapidly expanding, and I was especially happy to see they are expanding to my home of Hawaii, with 100 installs of commercial and multi-family housing units coming online in 2021.

The KIGT team (left to right): Paul Francis, CEO, Brandon Aparicio, Project Manger and Chemical Engineer, and Jatomis Stevenson, CTO.

Thanks to all those who presented and also those who registered! Follow us on Twitter and sign up for our newsletters to be sure to stay up to date on our events. If you’d like your company to be involved in future trade shows, please contact me, Sales & Partnerships Manager for CleanTechnica, at Andrea@cleantechnica.com.

What’s a Virtual Trade Show, Anyway?

A virtual trade show is a free, live event via Zoom or another such platform that takes the place of an in-person trade show — which costs time, energy, and carbon to attend. In this event, our presenting companies each got a few minutes to explain their offerings to the full audience, and then we divided into Trade Show booths (aka “Zoom breakout rooms”). Attendees then dropped into the different booths for any length of time to learn more about specific products, ask the manufacturers questions, or just have a chat with the founders.

This is a fun, climate-friendly way to attend a cool event, instead of flying across the country (too many emissions) and sharing physical space with a bunch of people (#socialdistancing).

We plan on doing more of these events in the future, so stay tuned! 
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