Michelle Obama Is One Heck of a Refined Human Being

Michelle Obama is an intelligent, articulate, and, above all, extremely refined human being.  In her speech the other night she said Trump was the “wrong president for our country.”

That’s putting it so kindly, it’s actually kind of funny.  Would he be the right person for some other country?

“Wrong” is a word used in sentences like: “It’s wrong to serve a heavy zinfandel with poached cod,” and “It’s wrong to wear shorts and flip-flops to a funeral.”

The last four years have taught us, to our horror, what most of feared when Trump won the 2016 election: that he is unimaginably cruel, selfish, ruthless, crude and dishonest, and that he is utterly brazen as a criminal.

He’s not “wrong president for our country.”  He’s a criminal sociopath who, if he’s stupid enough to be in the United States on January 21, 2021 anytime past noon, he’ll be indicted on dozens of different counts of federal and state crimes, convicted, and imprisoned for the rest of his life.