Links 9/13/2020

Mangrove loss has fallen dramatically, but the forests are still in danger WaPo. On mangroves, see NC here.

Avian botulism kills 40,000 birds, threatens millions more in Klamath Refuge San Francisco Chronicle (dk).

Rio Backed CEO After Blasts, Then Watchdog Investors Revolted Bloomberg

Frederick Soddy’s Debt Dynamics Economics from the Top Down

West Coast Wildfires

Video shows Clackamas County deputy fueling ‘antifa’ arson rumors Portland Tribune

Roaming Charges: Under Furious Skies Jeffrey St. Clair, Counterpunch (Carolinian).

44-year-old man charged with arson in an Oregon fire The Hill


Johns Hopkins researchers question controversial study linking Sturgis rally to COVID-19 spike CBS

Oxford and AstraZeneca resume coronavirus vaccine trial (free) FT

Nearly Half of Russians to ‘Never’ Vaccinate Against Coronavirus – Poll Moscow Times

Anders Tegnell and the Swedish Covid experiment (free) FT

Trump-Appointed CDC Officials Reportedly Meddled With Coronavirus Reports Forbes

Emails Raise Suspicions as to Whether the Bowser Administration Delayed and Finessed COVID-19 Data Before Moving Into Phase Two Washington City Paper

A Dentist Sees More Cracked Teeth. What’s Going On? NYT

From La Jetée to Twelve Monkeys to COVID-19 JSTOR Daily

Brazilian state of Bahia to test Russia’s vaccine, plans to buy 50 million doses Reuters


Chinese Military Calls US Biggest Threat to World Peace Bloomberg

US-China row over detention of 12 Hongkongers in Shenzhen escalates, as families seek city government’s help to bring group back South China Morning Post


Delhi Police Spreads Riots ‘Conspiracy’ Net, Drags In Eminent Academics and Activists The WIre

As Bali attempts to forge a new era, we need to stop spinning fables about it and listen to Balinese TravelFish


A new Great Game has begun in the Eastern Mediterranean Middle East Eye

The Growing Competition Between Africa’s Seaports Maritme Executive


Brexit: Boris Johnson, state aid and a ‘rushed’ treaty RTE (PD). “At one point, facial recognition for sheep was being considered along Northern Ireland border” [puts head in hands].

Adventures in Brexitland LRB


Radically transforming the EU economy – and how to finance it Anne Petttifor, Progressive Post

Left Out: The Inside Story of Labour Under Corbyn; This Land: The Story of a Movement – review Guardian


On Blacklists and Russia “Hacking” American Democracy Yasha Levine, Immigrants as a Weapon

Rurality, Drug Trafficking, and Violence Noria

Trump Transition

Virus bill blocked in Senate as prospects dim for new relief Associated Press

Trump announces ‘peace deal’ between Bahrain and Israel BBC. Again, if Obama had done this, the drums would be pounding to give him a second Nobel.

The Big Corporate Rescue and the America That’s Too Small to Save Pro Publica


How Trump Could Win The New Yorker

Project Lincoln:

Fact checking Biden’s claims on the trade deficit, auto bailout and his yearly income CNN

What If Democrats Just Promised to Make Things Work Again? The New Republic

State Level Races Offer Democrats Chance for Policy Wins in 2020 Teen Vogue

Rhode Island just got hit with a massive wave of progressive primary victories Alternet (jo6pac).


My defence of Julian Assange – a man I abhor. It ended badly the time they met yet PETER HITCHENS argues extraditing the WikiLeaks boss to the US violates British sovereignty, threatens press freedom and is nothing less than a politically motivated kidnap Daily Mail.

The Idea Behind WikiLeaks: Julian Assange as a Physics Student Consortium News

US demands hinder Spanish probe into alleged CIA ties to security firm that spied on Assange El Pais

Realignment and Legitimacy

How Conspiracy Theories Are Shaping the 2020 Election—and Shaking the Foundation of American Democracy Time. Mom’s groups:


QAnon Key Figure Revealed as Financial Information Security Analyst from New Jersey Logically (followed by Bloomberg).

12 Step American Collapse Program with Revolutions podcast host Mike Duncan (podcast) The Katie Halper Show. Nice get for Halper. Duncan makes a clear case against Trump, the man, the named individual. And then we get material like this:

[05:49]I don’t think that people ever recovered from 2008, and I think that then [they] have just been leveled by this second meteor strike. You know we had one, we were wobbling, and then we got blasted again by Covid.

Oddly, or not, there are no named individuals responsible for the failed “recovery” from 2008. (Also, if the 12 “steps” were listed, I missed on on my first listening.)

Crescendo 2020: ‘There’s No Reason Whatsoever To Expect Anything Resembling Calm’ Heisenberg Report (Re Silc).

10 Ways Trump Is Becoming a Dictator, Election Edition Stephen Walt, Foreign Policy

1 big thing: A screaming, spreading wake-up call Axios

Police State Watch

Wall Street Is Making Millions Off Police Brutality Vice. From June, still germane. “Police brutality bonds.”

Our Famously Free Press

Tape shows: ethically, CNN chief a little shaky Matt Taibbi

Sports Desk

Baseball’s One-Year-Only Playoff Race Is Getting Weird Defector. Deadspin’s fired staff. Give the good guys some clicks. And about those playoffs:

Guillotine Watch

Louis Vuitton Launches $961 Covid Face Shields Vanity Fair (Re Silc). Side coverage looks terrible. Glad they’re trying, though!

Class Warfare

An extraordinary summer of crises for California’s farmworkers National Geographic

A pandemic, a motel without power and a potentially terrifying glimpse of Orlando’s future WaPo

See Spot Scan: Ford Deploys Robot Dog WSJ

Symbolic Survival and Harm: Serious Fraud and Consumer Capitalism’s Perversion of the Causa Sui Project British Journal of Criminology. “It will be suggested that the acts of economic predation perpetrated by the men in the study represent attempts to escape anxiety through the avoidance of symbolic annihilation.” If this is true, there’s rather a lot of fraud going on just now. More than usual.

“Liberalism’s future now rests on a single question” New Humanism

What’s Wrong with Social Science and How to Fix It: Reflections After Reading 2578 Papers Fantastic Anachronism

Weekend History: When Fearsome ‘Pirate Cats’ Roamed the Upper West Side West Side Rag. From 2016, still germane.

Reggae Artiste ‘Toots’ Hibbert Has Died Jamaica Gleaner. Still germane:

Millions, billions around the world would still feel every word of the lyrics.

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I believe this is SV’s extremely literate cat, Hoople.

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