Introducing Supply Change Conference, October 27 – Supply Chains: Lessons Learned During 2020

Introducing Supply Change Conference, October 27 - Supply Chains Lessons Learned During 2020

2020 will go down in history as one of the most impactful years in modern history for businesses around the world.

In our life times, most of us have not experienced hoarding, product shortages, long-term borders closures or complete lock downs.  Retailers and conventional businesses are failing at a record pace, while ecommerce is exploding.  Domestic manufacturing is undergoing a resurrance as international trade is squeezed.

Supply Chains Have Forever Changed.

  • What lessons will be learned from dealing with a global pandemic?
  • How robust is your supply chain?
  • Is your business successfully pivoting?
  • Will advanced technologies play a future role in your supply chain?
  • How will your supply chain help you achieve future success?

These questions and more will be discussed during the one-day Supply Change Conference.  Join a leading list of experts who will share wisdom and guidance on how we can continue to improve and streamline supply chains.

Register HERE or Visit the conference website at: Supply Change Conference 2020

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