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Author: Morgan Fraser

We know there’s a lot of new protocols to keep track of when preparing for an audit, especially due to additional COVID-19 requirements. See below for a COVID-19 signage checklist to help you prepare for an audit, whether it be internal vs external.


It’s an official inspection performed by an auditor to ensure your business is adhering to health, safety and environmental standards.

There are two types of audits, Internal and External. Internal Audits are driven by your company to ensure your business is compliant, while external audits are performed by an outside party.


  1. Housekeeping: Is it clean and sanitized?
  2. Safety & Signs: Compliance, fading, and missing signage (see below for more details)
  3. Schedules & Information
  4. Sickness: Has any staff been diagnosed with COVID-19?
  5. Audit History: Be sure to review historical audit reports, and past action plans to have better insight into what was previously discussed.

* Be sure to check with your internal auditor for a full checklist.


  • Are there directional arrows on the floor clearly indicating the flow of traffic?
  • Do you have signage outside your business indicating not to enter if you are sick or have travelled outside of the country within 14 days?
  • Is there signage outside your building displaying the reduced number of people allowed in your facility at one time, and any other protocol changes?
  • If your business is a city where face masks are mandatory, do you have signage displayed outside indicating face masks are mandatory before entry?
  • Are your staff wearing a face shield or mask where a 6ft distance cannot be maintained?
    (If you’re in a city where masks are mandatory and your business is considered an indoor public space, this may not apply as your staff will need to continuously wear face coverings.)
  • Are floors marked with appropriate physical distance in areas where lineups occur?
  • Do you have signage outside office spaces, elevators, lunchrooms and other smaller spaces, indicating the reduced number of people allowed in those spaces at one time?
  • If areas where furniture cannot be rearranged, have you added physical barriers such as a counter guard between stations, tables or counters?
  • Have you set up hand washing or sanitizer areas with displayed signage to promote hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette?

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