Compass Bending: The Oil Patch is Starting to Wake Up Again and We’re Ready!

It has been a pretty slow year in the energy industry as you probably know. Pipeline bending work for energy companies dried up in February and work we do for other support industries dried up with it. However, with the worst of the COVID-19 pandemic behind us (we hope), and demand for oil and gas starting to pick up, we have started to see more orders for pipe bends for the oil patch. That’s good for us, good for the field crews and good for the engineering/EPCM companies.

16in bends

While the energy industry was quiet, we haven’t slowed down too much, though. All of the other work we do, the custom bending and rolling, has been going pretty steadily. We were happy to see that as it meant that not all walks of life had shut down completely.

That work supports many and diverse industries from manufacturing, structural steel, agriculture, and food processing to ornamental items like handrail, fences and gates to more artistic endeavours like sculptures and stage and theatre sets.

boiler tube bends

In other news for Compass Bending, we rebuilt our web site and the new version went live in the spring. We have work to do yet to fill it out with more information and photos but go check it out –

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