Coal Going Away–Another Indication

According to the American Energy Society, in 2019, there were 38 days when US utilities got more electricity from hydroelectric, wind and solar generation than from coal.  Through June 2020, there were 122 days when hydro, wind and solar out-produced coal, including every day in the month of April and 28 days in May.

Unbridled capitalism is a double-edged sword.  Yes, it’s the driving force behind many social ills: war, poverty, crime, ignorance, pollution, and disease.  Yet, under the right conditions, there is nothing stronger than free-market economics when it comes to making a positive change.  Right now we see that renewable energy is now so inexpensive, and the hard costs of operating coal plants so high, that the market, at least here in the U.S., can’t seem to get rid of coal fast enough.

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