Biden Endorsed By 200+ Top Military

Consider the life of a man whose lifelong mission is service to The United States of America.  Maybe he goes to West Point, maybe Annapolis.  Perhaps he goes to college elsewhere, and becomes an officer in the armed forces after graduation.  He spends the entirety of his career protecting and defending the U.S. Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

He’s a truthful and honorable man, and that, combined with his talent and his devotion, propels him to the very pinnacle of command.

Now, multiply that life by more than 200, then apply that to present-day U.S. politics, and realize that all these people are endorsing Joe Biden, a Democratic candidate as the the next president.

How is this possible?  Aren’t military people conservative by their very nature?  Wouldn’t that militate toward favoring the Republican?

Under normal circumstances, certainly. But these are people whose first duty is to their country, not a party, and most definitely to a pathological liar whose only interest is his own enrichment, whose day-to-day actions threaten the very core of U.S. national security.

One would hope that this would hold some power over the November election, but let’s be realistic: the rank-and-file Trump supporter is not going to become aware of what the U.S. top military personnel believe; they’re not reading this blog, nor anything else that would convey this information.  And even if they were to come across it, would it make any difference?