Would ANY Republican Have Won a Second Term?

Regarding the meme here, a reader notes: You could make a case that any Republican would have failed at a second term. Republicans fight to eliminate budget stuff like FEMA and Pandemic Response teams. They are not planners, so all of them would likely have failed COVID response.

First of all, let’s not count our chickens before they hatch.

Having said that, you bring up an interesting point; I’m not sure about that.  I honestly don’t know what an administration of some randomly chosen garden-variety Republican jackass, say Jeb Bush, would have done.  I have a close friend who’s met Jeb on several occasions, and says, “He’s incapable of having an original thought.”  That seems about right, but how important is IQ to handling emergencies?

What would I do to handle a pandemic, for instance, if I were distinctly unintelligent and I knew that about myself with great certainty?  Start making decisions to frustrate science, spread disinformation, try to sicken or kill whole populations in blue states, slow testing to make the numbers less damning, invent bizarre and poisonous cures, and blame everyone from Obama to China to Democratic governors to Hillary’s emails?

No, I’d go to the Dr. Fauchis of the world, and say, “You tell me what to do, I’ll make it happen.  I don’t want credit; I want a healthy nation.”

Jeb may have been capable of that.  Guess we’ll never know.