Very Few Apolitical Americans–Perhaps That’s a Good Thing

If anything good comes from the Trump presidency, it’s very likely to be that nearly every American now follows current events, and politics in particular.  The sign in front of the Trinity Baptist Church shown here is evidence that many previously apolitical institutions have decided that sitting on the sidelines at a time of moral crisis is in and of itself an immoral act.

Note also that the polls right now are 55% Biden / 41% Trump.  That Trump is trailing by a large margin, while a good thing, is arguably less important than the fact that only 4% are undecided.  That means that 24 out of every 25 Americans knows exactly whom he’ll vote to elect in November.

What will happen when Trump is replaced by a standard, garden-variety neoliberal like Biden?  Is this current interest just an ad hoc reaction to a sociopath in the White House?  Could be.