Venue for Biden Fundraiser: Bush Ranch

Suppose you’re a Trump supporter, and you notice that every living president, including a Republican, is doing everything his power to bring the Trump presidency to a close.

Further, these gentlemen are joined by the top echelon of the U.S. military, as well as our scientists, doctors, and educators.  The country is diseased, economically depressed, and reviled around the globe.  Your guy was impeached, and now stands accused of dozens of different felonies.  Many of his top advisors are in prison, or well on their way.

Which of the following two inferences do you draw?

a) These people see that Trump is a cancer to the United States, and needs to be stopped at all costs, or

b) These people can are part of the “deep state” whose only purpose is to unseat the president because he won’t behave according to presidential norms.

If you said b), you have what it takes to be called a real fool.

All this may sound like a joke, it isn’t.  Trump’s approval rating is over 40%.  He’ll definitely carry 13 states, and another 7 are leaning his way.