Use of brine in WCSB drilling underlines the need for corrosion prevention additives that won’t impact solids or the rheology

By: Di-Corp Oilfield Staff

Corrosion – the deterioration of a metal or its properties – attacks every component at every stage in the life of every oil and gas field. From casing strings to production platforms, from drilling through to abandonment – the oil industry utilizes many complex and demanding production techniques that rely on components made of carbon steel. When any one of those components fails the impacts can be far reaching and catastrophic in terms of lost production, downtime, repair and retrieval, and of course the environment. For this reason, corrosion prevention products are vital and Earth Pro Corinox is one of the best.


Figure 1: Earth Pro Corinox provides superior corrosion prevention with no impact on drilling fluid solids or rheology.

Earth Pro Corinox is a unique dual-purpose corrosion prevention chemical mixture in a liquid form that can begin fighting corrosion as soon as oxygen-contamination is introduced to the drilling environment. Corinox not only scavenges dissolved oxygen effectively, it also has the capability to adsorb onto active corrosion sites (anodes) on drill pipe, casing and tubing in water based fluids. Because of its superior filming ability, Earth Pro Corinox can be highly effective at low concentrations (about 200-300 parts per million) without affecting the rheology of water base drilling fluids.

Under normal conditions, for a program with a corrosion level of +25 mpy, initially adding one pail of Earth Pro Corinox will treat 16 m3 of fluid. Severe corrosion may require higher concentrations. To assess the requirement of Earth Pro Corinox in any condition, it is best to use a corrosion rate method such as corrosion ring analysis or an instantaneous corrosion monitor. If high corrosion rates persist and are determined to be oxygen related, supplemental additions of an oxygen scavenger such as sodium sulfite is often recommended.

Complete product information and safety data for Earth Pro Corinox is available for download on the Di-Corp website. For pricing and availability, contact Di-Corp Oilfield Sales.

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