U.S. Military Commanders Adamantly Anti-Trump

I hope readers will take a peek at the meme here, and ask themselves why this is.

There are probably several reasons, but I speculate two things:

1) These are men on honor, and they take their oath to protect and defend the U.S. Constitution very seriously.  As such, they have very low tolerance for a commander-in-chief who lies at every turn and does what he can to circumvent rule of law when doing so improves his own condition.

2) They are also charged with keeping America safe, and they understand that this means working with allies around the world to make it happen.  When our allies are sickened by our behavior, this makes their task more difficult.

Keep in mind that our military commanders are extremely reluctant to go public with their feelings here; that should be an indication of the vehemence of their position here.

We all need to hope that this is all over very soon.