Trump’s Not Incompetent; He’s Evil

A reader sent me the blurb at left.  My response:

It’s not incompetence. He’s very talented at pulling off events that cause great harm to everyone except him and those who happen to be in positions from which they can benefit him.  Now that he’s president, that means either a) re-election or b) further enrichment.  In turn, that means appealing to amoral rich people with gratuitous tax breaks, and to white supremacists which programs that harm people with brown skin.

I defy you to point to one major step he’s taken that doesn’t fall under this umbrella.

You could say that his response to COVID-19 was inept.  No, he initially ignored it because he thought that calling attention to it would damage his chances for re-election. Then he slowed testing in the states that were governed by Democrats, so as to make Republicans appear more competent.  Now he’s trying to spin this, the world’s very worst pandemic failure, into a success.

He is a monster.