Trump Trails Biden by 27% Among Older Americans

I have to admit that I don’t understand why Trump is so far behind in the polls of older voters.  Sure, it’s possible that the meme here has nailed it, and they see that Trump’s approach is harming them personally.  But it’s also possible that older people, instead of being “stuck in their ways” and perhaps moving toward senility, are actually far sharper than what our stereotypes might suggest.

Retired people have time to stay apprised of current events, and, unless they confine themselves to Fox News, they are well aware of Trump’s desperation to stay in office, and they realize how debilitating this is to our nation and the values we once held so dear.

For example, they see his catastrophic dividing the country across racial lines.  They see 13 white supremacists arrested for conspiracy to kidnap a state governor, and they understand that this can only get worse as the election approaches.  They learn to their shock that some county sheriffs are siding with the terrorists, and they project what this could be like if Trump loses, a rebellion ensues, and certain members of law enforcement actually join the terrorists and fight against civilized society.

Maybe they think that the only way to nip this in the bud is for Trump to lose by such a staggering margin that his supporters simply give up, go home, and return to whatever they were doing before Trump called them to arms–whatever that was: running gun shops, shooting ranges, and so on.

Anyone, young or old, who watched the video in which Michigan’s attorney general warned our nation about Trump’s empowering these heavily armed white supremacists, should be terrified that the level of violence she predicts could happen.  This country could be a war zone, and if Trump thinks that’s what’s required to get him re-elected, that’s precisely what’s going to happen.

The Proud Boys have their instructions: stand by.