Trump Officials Worry: ‘How Much Trump Stink Is On My Resume Right Now?’

I hate to sound unsympathetic, but perhaps this is a question they should have been asking themselves before they decided to work for a criminal sociopath.  This is especially true of those who came along later in his term, when all of Trump’s horrible characteristics had become even clearer than they were at first and his behavior became ever more erratic and self-serving. 

When Trump first came to office, John Dean, of Watergate fame, warned prospective staffers, “I advise you to think carefully before accepting this position.  I can tell you that anyone who worked for Nixon knew is a very bad idea to include their time working in that White House on their resumes.”

What a future employers bound to think of ex-Trump staffers?  It’s a blend of mean-spiritedness, dishonesty, and stupidity.  It’s hard to blend the HR department for not wanting to add this level of degradation to the team.