Trump Is a Cancer To the United States, But He’s Not an Idiot

There is some truth here, but I wish people would think a second before they call Trump an idiot.  There is no evidence that the s***show we’re seeing is a result of our leader’s low intelligence.

What we’re actually seeing here is a combination of three things:

• Trump has a singular devotion to Trump; he has no regard whatsoever for anyone or anything else.

• Experience has taught him that he can get away with anything.  Not once in his life has he failed to wheedle a way to victory, or, at least to avoid an ignominious and permanent defeat.

• He achieves this with a rare if not unique blend of ruthlessness and the belief in the limitless timidity and gullibility of others.

It appears that this will all be over soon.  As we near the election and the polls continue to move against the president, one wonders by what mechanism this could possible turn around, especially considering the rate at which the disease is carving its way through the entire Trump administration.  A sick would-be tyrant is not an effective would-be tyrant.