Trump Has Math Teacher’s Head Spinning

Here are a few words from a man I’ve known more than 50 years, Joe Turk.  When I was a teen, I had two very good friends who attended a different school than my own, and Joe taught them math.  Because our schools had slightly different holidays, there were days I had off when they didn’t, and I’d sometimes go over there and sit in on his math classes; that’s how totally cool and entertaining they were.

He hasn’t lost a step, as shown here:

I may change my vote. That was perhaps the bravest thing Trump has done in his life. Intentionally getting Covid, risking his life, just so he could experience what millions of Americans will experience. Now he’ll be able to lead the nation in this terrible fight.

How could Biden possibly compete without this experience? How could I have been so wrong? Where’s that Republican Kool-Aid? What’s the flavor this year? Oh, right, Socialism. How could I have forgotten that? Democrats will socialize everything. Wait a minute, isn’t that how I got the virus? Socializing?

My head’s in a spin, let me turn on Fox nuze and see what I should be thinking.

Damn, that’s good.  Thanks for being a part of my life, Joe.