Trump Has Made Both Democrats and Republicans Extremely Unhappy

From CNCB news analyst Rick Santelli, “I’ve said from day one, when Donald Trump gets in there, he’s going to make an equal number of Republicans unhappy as Democrats unhappy.”

If he’s talking about congresspeople themselves, he’s certainly right.

Democrats are appalled at the dishonesty, the corruption, and the self-dealing, and are deeply frustrated that they have been unable to rid our nation of this pestilence.  

Republicans are appalled as well, but they cannot express their revulsion at the president’s words and actions, unless they wish to retire from office.  In a way, they are pitiable, because they have sacrificed every shred of honor and integrity to keep their jobs, and that shame, that disgrace, will haunt their reputations long after their deaths.

How’d you like to a hypothetical “Peter Graham” or a “Susan McConnell,” or a “Joe Cruz,” born 20 years from now, greatgrandchild of the scum that brought down the great United States of America? I’d just as soon be related to Lee Harvey Oswald.