Trump: “Crackhead”

It’s hard to imagine the profile of a voter in the upcoming U.S. presidential election who is “undecided” at this point.  Going into the debate, Biden led the national polls 53.8% – 43.8%, so we’re only talking about 2.4%, but who are they?  The majority perceive the president to be a sociopath, but almost half like what they have seen over the past four years, and believe that Trump is the only thing standing in the way of turning the United States into Venezuela, or, perhaps worse, Denmark.

Rather than wasting too much time pondering that question, there are a bit fewer of them after last night’s debate.  Republican pollster Frank Luntz moderated a post-debate focus group Zoom session with a team of these undecided voters, in which they variously described Trump’s performance as: ‘crackhead,’ ‘arrogant,’ ‘un-American,’ ‘forceful,’ ‘puzzling,’ ‘eh,’ and ‘unhinged.’

Of course, I’m assuming that “crackhead” is a bad thing; we live in day so strange that perhaps it’s best not to jump to conclusions.