Transitioning from Fossil Fuels: Is That Really Controversial?

The concept of an energy transition came up briefly in the latter of the two presidential debates, where Biden suggested that he supported the phasing out of fossil fuels. When he pointed out that fossil fuels pollute, Trump tried to make it appear that this was somehow in dispute, and that any attempt to separate the United States from Big Oil was tantamount to communism.

As nonsensical as that sounds, it’s indicative of how divided we are here in America.  The rank and file of Trump’s base is probably the only group of people on Earth who believe that those of us who value a clean environment are liberal pansies.

Now, if you want to zoom in on the core of these environmental issues in the form of a debate, you may want to check out Dr. Mark Z. Jacobson, professor of engineering at Stanford University, take on a spokesperson from the Heritage Foundation, a conservative think tank.  Jacobson appears to have had no intention to make his opponent look foolish, though that certainly was the result.