This Is What Solidarity Looks Like

As shown here, both the Yankees and the Nationals took a knee on Major League Baseball’s opening day.  A reader sent me this pic, and commented:

Perhaps it’s time to reassess what this knee business is all about. Taking a knee is a respectful way of acknowledging a fallen comrade. Anyone who has actually served is painfully aware of this gesture of deep respect. It is NOT disrespecting our flag.

In this case it has been an attempt to create an awareness of injustice. Perhaps the fact that ballplayers are now embracing it means there is substance to the protest. For me personally this has always been a respectful and peaceful way to draw attention to a problem in the hope of bettering the situation.

Good for you, and thanks for shedding light onto this subject.  Standing in solidarity with oppressed people, or in this case kneeling, is a very cool thing to do, IMO.

Keep in mind that 94% of Americans support police reform.  Is it possible that almost 19 out of 20 Americans agree on anything?  Remarkably, it is.