The United States Can Reform

America is reeling from a debate in which its president refused to denounce the racial violence of its growing numbers of neoNazis/white supremacists. Yet the country needs to put this in proportion;  we’re at a point in which a popular Christian pastor in Texas wished death on a long-time public servant.

Like the alcoholic who needs to admit he has a problem, we need to come to terms with the fact that we live in a zeitgeist of hate and stupidity.  From there, we need to enter treatment, doing what we can to move through this, back into some sort of civil and intelligent existence.

It may seem lightyears distant, but it really isn’t; it’s  just beneath the surface.  We are are same people who elected Barack Obama, not once, but twice; we just need to splash some cold water on our faces and wake up.

Addicts can reform; sinners can atone; criminals can be rehabilitated.  We’re still capable of great good. It is our destiny.