The Power of Youth and the Wisdom of Age

For the months running up to a presidential, the great American pastime becomes predicting its outcome.  In the case of Trump and Biden, and perhaps is a good idea to remind ourselves of a adage above.  Young people have energy, enthusiasm, and, in general, liberalism.  By contrast, old people have slowed down, but have rambled around this planet long enough to have learned a great deal by way of the variety of their lived experiences.

Perhaps that’s why, as suggest here, that Trump is having such a tough time with Florida’s seniors.  Lots of them lived through the Second World War, and thus remember firsthand how a demagogue whipped a nation into a frenzy, discredited the free press, corrupted rule of law, declared himself absolute ruler, and perverted the justice system so as to remove all internal opposition.

In short, they know societal insanity when they see it, and they’re tired of watching it come to a boil here in the United States.