Supreme Court Nominee Has No Tolerance for LGBTQs

In terms of human rights, the U.S. is looking more like China, in terms of democracy, more like Russia, in terms of national solvency, more like Greece, in terms of domestic/racial tranquility, more like Serbia, and in terms of truth, more like North Korea.

Now we come along to homophobia, and, by taking a look at Trump’s nominee to fill the vacant seat on the the U.S. Supreme Court, it appears we’re headed for Chechnya, where homosexual acts are punished under the dictates of Sharia Law (caning and executions).  There are no protections for LGBT citizens, and the Chechen authorities encourages the killing of people suspected of homosexuality by their families.  The abduction and detention of gay and bisexual men, who are then beaten and tortured with electricity, is rampant.

Can the United States somehow put the brakes of its regression into the days of brutality and injustice?  At this point, of course, there’s no evidence to support that, but just how far can we fall?

No one knows.