Studies on COVID-19 Can Be Bogus: Let’s Do Some Math Anyone Can Do To Identify Them

We see a great number of “studies” that purport to show that COVID-19 is far more benign than we’re told, in an apparent attempt to prove that the government is lying to us about the actual stats related to the disease for some nefarious reason.

Let’s do the math associated with the supposed study whose results are show here. 

In the 50 – 64 year old age group, there have been about 26,000 deaths, out a population (2010 census) of about 60 million people.  (These figures are approximations, as neither source used the age range 50 – 64, and so we have to take the number from 55 – 64 group and add some portion of the 45 – 54 group.)

In any case, 60 million divided by 26 thousand is 2308, so the chances are one in 2308, not one in 19.1 million.

That’s an exaggeration by a factor of 8326.

If the chances of that age group dying from COVID-19 were truly one in 19.1 million, we would need a population of 497 billion, which is 62 times the entire population of the planet.