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The last thing Canadians need right now is another expensive tax during the midst of a global pandemic while heading into a national debt crisis.

We need to Stop the Second Carbon Tax  or what we have deemed the “High Cost Fuel Standard

“It’s the green policy paradox. Governments want to achieve greenhouse gas reductions at the lowest possible cost, yet, in order to incentivize more environmentally-friendly behaviour, the price of pollution must be driven ever higher.

The extra charges coming to consumers and businesses will be costly, as home-heating bills and the price at the pumps dig even more deeply into Canadian pockets.

Businesses, meanwhile, are potentially looking at double-digit percentage increases in energy costs.

Unlike the carbon tax, the Clean Fuel Standard (CFS) offers no exemptions for large emitters in trade-exposed industries. That’s because the government assumes regulated entities will simply pass on the costs downstream to producers and consumers.

As an indication of where this government is coming down on the green policy paradox, the price of credits under the CFS will be set at $350 per tonne.

Aside from the potential for strangling the economic recovery, the other obvious concern is the impact on national unity.

The accusations that Ottawa is adding to the burdens of the oil and gas producing provinces will surely follow the introduction of the draft regulations.”

As reported by John Ivison in the National Post

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