Solar Power and AI will Enable the First Self-Piloted Crossing of The Atlantic, But What Exactly Is the Point?

When Lincoln was shot in 1865, it took two weeks before the people in London and Paris learned what had happened.

When Krakatoa erupted just 18 years later, people all over the world knew about it within minutes.

The difference, of course, was telephony, and in particular, the laying of the trans-Atlantic cable.  It served an important purpose.

Now, here’s something new that will be crossing the Atlantic. It’s an unmanned boat that will make use of solar PV and artificial intelligence.

But here’s something to think about: What’s the point?  Unlike the trans-Atlantic cable, it has no purpose.  This is like laying the cable but forgetting to put copper in it so it can transmit electrical signals, or launching a rocket into space for no reason whatsoever.

Outside of that, I’m bananas about the idea.