Risk Matters: Prevent Critical Equipment Failures & Catastrophe

Did you know there are millions of pieces of equipment in any process facility? Sometimes there are tens of millions or more. For the asset integrity and maintenance professionals who are tasked with keeping everything running smoothly, it’s a mammoth job and while perfection may be attainable, it’s far from simple to achieve.

To add complexity, some of that equipment is critical to maintain safe operations (Safety Critical Equipment or SCE), if that equipment breaks there’s the risk of loss of life.

What weighs heaviest in the priorities? How are the priorities of production and safety balanced in that weighting plan? What happens when there’s a global pandemic and commodity prices fall through the floor


The intelligence You Need to Make the Right Choice

Using analytics and industry data to ensure critical threats are addressed gives you and all stakeholders peace of mind knowing that all critical threats are being managed. Risk Alive® holds the world’s largest collection of PHA and risk data and has the advanced tools and technology to analyze it effectively and efficiently.

You can now access huge collections of data for facilities of all types, from refineries to gas plants, and fertilizer production to French fry factories to identify common threats, mitigations and the best strategies to protect your investments.

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