Ridding the United States of “Liberal Breeding Grounds”

Let’s be frank; this guy does have a point: educated people, those who read, write, think, and discuss–in particular, people who learn by questioning what they’re being told, do tend to be liberals.  The causation, however, is unclear: does educating people make them liberal, or is there something about the truth of science, math, the lessons of history, or great literature that is “liberal” in and of itself?

Another way of looking at a ban on higher education is to ponder what a world power without it would be like.  It implies:

• No medical research and no doctors applying medical discoveries, meaning a decline in life expectancy from about 80 to 60 in a generation or two

• No due process in the criminal justice system since there would be no one who understands the law

• Infrastructure (roads, tunnels, bridges, airports) designed by people with no understanding of physics and engineering

• The immediate end to American dominance in technology, catapulting countries like China to world leadership

• No backlash against making Christianity an official religion of the United States

• No effort to restore rule of law, after years of corruption has all but removed it from the federal government

If, after reading this, Mr. Roberts, I invite you to have your plumber perform your next colonoscopy.

Having said all this, there would be no protests, no change in the race relations that existed a century ago, no effort to protect the environment and no cleantech of any type, as well as the uprooting of women’s and gay rights.  The people of the state of Tennessee would be in hog heaven.