Reporter Asks Trump the Question of the Millennium

Here’s one from the “cuts like a knife” department.  Make that “cuts like a saber.”

Oh my.

As we all know, Trump has used his office to spread misinformation at a rate at which this country has never seen. The Washington Post’s Fact Checker has him at well over 20K lies and misleading statement, which gives us an average daily of 17.

He’s done so at an even greater rate in the last 14 months, tallying an average of 23 claims per day as the nation has been roiled by an impeachment trial and a pandemic.

So, one asks how is it possible that no one has had the effrontery to challenge him like this before now.  On several occasions, reporters have pushed back on the veracity of Trump’s specific claims, but never his overall penchant for lying.

Hope this guy gets a Pulitzer.