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Modern oil and gas companies rely on state-of-the-art technologies to get their job done.

From Internet of Things (IoT) to machine-to-machine (M2M) connectivity, the industry is finding new ways of doing business and developing solutions that ensure the best contingencies are in place when emergencies occur. But all of that has one thing in common: it all requires a robust Internet connection that’s available even in the remotest of areas, with network redundancies that can maintain business continuity and data consistency even during an emergency.

By embracing digital transformation, oil and gas companies can improve efficiency, cut costs and stay ready for anything that happens. But for that to occur, connectivity is key.


Whether they’re in the upstream, downstream or midstream market, every oil and gas company has its own unique needs. But across the board, they rely on cloud- and web-based solutions to meet their goals. Supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) applications, as well as solutions focused on monitoring, security, safety, reporting, automation and analytics have all become standard operating procedure.

In this new technological landscape, the right Internet connection helps oil and gas companies:

  • Increase productivity. Industry-changing technologies like IoT, M2M connectivity and predictive analytics open up new opportunities for more efficient work processes across the full lifecycle, empowering teams as they monitor pipeline performance, seismic exploration, drilling and wellsites in even the remotest of locations – creating 360-degree real-time visibility into their operations. But all of that is dependent on flexible and scalable digital connectivity that’s reliable even in those remote areas.
  • Mitigate risk to their employees, contractors and the environment around them. Sensors and high-resolution video surveillance help oil and gas companies stay on top of what’s going on at their sites on a constant, real-time basis – keeping machines operational, making sure nothing breaks down and maintaining remote monitoring so that everything runs smoothly even when conditions are not optimal. But to keep all of that up and running, even during an emergency, companies need an Internet connection with redundancies and backups in place that keep them online no matter what.
  • Rely on massive amounts of data. To reach all of these goals, oil and gas companies need to be able to access and analyze large stores of data from across multiple sources. That data helps them keep sites operational and running smoothly, and alerts them when there’s any threat of a safety risk. But to maintain access to that data, Internet speeds need to keep up.


For all of these reasons and more, oil and gas companies require an enterprise Internet connection that:

  • Can be delivered through multiple networks to create the necessary built-in redundancies that ensure there are no interruptions to service even when one system is offline
  • Has a backup connection available to maintain business continuity and data consistency, even during an emergency
  • Offers dedicated connectivity, making service speeds more reliable and connections more scalable
  • Comes with priority 24/7 customer service, so that they’re not left out in the cold, waiting for support
  • Is available wherever their sites are – no matter how remote that is

The right broadband connection can provide oil and gas companies with the flexibility and predictability they need to empower their business and the technologies they rely on to run smoothly and stay safe.


Xplornet Enterprise Solutions offers dedicated business solutions even in Canada’s most remote areas. Our connectivity solutions are delivered by three unique platforms – satellite, fixed wireless and fibre – that can act as either a primary or secondary connection or both to keep businesses online through all conditions.

Not only that, but Xplornet Enterprise Solutions offers:

  • Higher upload and download speeds. Speeds from 5 Mbps to 1 GB keep up with all of the demands of the modern oil and gas business.
  • Dedicated connectivity. Connections aren’t shared between businesses, ensuring that service and speed are more reliable, and connections more scalable.
  • Priority customer service. With a 24/7 priority network operations centre and dedicated account managers, there’s no time or money lost waiting for support.
  • Service Level Agreements. Refunds are provided if the agreed-upon level of service isn’t delivered.

Through connections they can depend on, Xplornet Enterprise Solutions helps oil and gas companies build better operations and stay safe – empowering them to maximize and benefit from all of the technology available to them.

For more information on Xplornet Enterprise Solutions, visit enterprise.xplornet.com or contact us at EnterpriseSales@corp.xplornet.comCall 855.638.7381.

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